6 Can’t-Miss Hiking Trails In NWA The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Northwest Arkansas is home to some fantastic hiking trails. Many of the local areas share the trails with mountain bikers but are also large enough areas where you can enjoy a beautiful hike. There are plenty of places to start hiking if you are new to hiking. In addition, some places help you build endurance, so you can comfortably tackle more strenuous trails. Many of these locations are suitable for families or groups who want to enjoy the outdoors leisurely, bird watch, walk the dog, or letting the children play. The following trails do an excellent job at most of these options. Pick a favorite or try them all. Every day outdoors is an excellent day.


Slaughter Pen Hollow Trail

Address: 203 NE 3rd St, Bentonville, AR 72712

Suppose you are looking for a moderate hike or a place to build endurance consistently; consider the Slaughter Pen Trail at Bentonville. The loop stretches for 5.7 miles through incredible natural vistas. The trail is suitable for families and is dog-friendly. The trail is partially paved and progresses the farther you hike. Expect dirt trails and rugged terrain deeper into the trail. Trek poles are a good idea if you plan to hike the entire trail. The lower sections are perfect for younger kids and people just getting into hiking. 

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Address: 2500 NW 3rd St, Bentonville, AR 72712

A new addition to the park system within NWA, Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is more than a destination for bikers. It is a lovely area that spreads over 300 acres. While the focus here is on biking, mountain biking, and camping, some areas are perfect for hiking. PLUS, you’ll find Airship coffee nestled in the middle of the park. Located just a few minutes outside Bentonville, AR is a worthy destination. Bring the kids and let them bike while you hike. 


Sequoyah Woods Trail

Address: Mt. Sequoyah Woods, 5 S Happy Hollow Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail is an inner-city park-like hiking or mountain biking trail. The trail stretches for 1.25 miles and meanders through forests. As a loop trail, you can hike until you are tired. The area is within the city of Fayetteville, giving you easy access to the wilderness without leaving the city. It’s a lovely location for all-day hiking or short jaunts during your lunch hour.

Kessler Loop

Address: 2600 Wc 200, Fayetteville, AR 72701

If you are looking for a moderate hike with a good workout, the Mt. Kessler Loop trail is perfect. It stretches and winds for 6.7 miles through forests and climes close to 2,000 feet in elevation. Bring your buddies and pace yourself to increase endurance for longer hikes. In addition, the trail is a great place to train for longer and more challenging treks such as backpacking.

Yellow Rock Trail

Address: Yellow Rock Trail Parking, QPHV+R2, West Fork, AR 72774

Part of Devil’s Den, the Yellow Rock Trail is an excellent choice if you are looking for a picturesque hike. It is a fantastic mid-distance hike that is perfect for anyone who wants to build their hiking endurance or for those who want to stroll along and enjoy the fantastic view. Key elements include rock formations and panoramic photo ops of the valley. It is rated as moderate, so be sure to bring trek poles if you use them and sturdy boots.

Fossil Flats Trailhead

Address: Fossil Flats Trailhead, 11333 AR-74, West Fork, AR 72774

Also part of Devil’s Den is the Fossil Flats Trailhead. Just fifteen minutes from Fayetteville, the entire trip is about six miles long. It is suitable for hikers and bikers, but the real gem is the fossil field that litters the creeks. If you are looking to push yourself physically, the trail gets steeper the farther you hike. Take a small group of friends and hike to improve your health, enjoy the beautiful setting, or be together in nature.

Devil’s Den

Address: 11333 West Arkansas Hwy. 74, Winslow, AR 72774

While the above hikes are part of Devil’s Den, we thought it worthy to add as a bonus #7 to our list. We listed our favorite trails above, but there are 11 total trails inside Devil’s Den!

It’s a classic hiking spot in NWA that has caves, water falls, and all the views. If you haven’t been, or if it’s just been a minute since you’ve been out there, it’s a hike worth adding to your calendar soon.

These hiking trails put you in the middle of nature. If you use hiking poles, be sure to bring them, and a comfortable pair of hiking boots with ankle support will be a good friend here. Go slow, build up your endurance and climb every mountain!