Discover the 10 Best Spots for Ice Cream in NWA

Nothing says summer in Northwest Arkansas like a big ‘ol ice cream cone, am I right? But with so many places to grab a scoop (or two!), it can be hard to choose.  We asked our readers to vote, and these were their choices!

To keep things fun, we moved some of the locally owned shops to the top, and the more-known (national chain types) to the bottom.

*UPDATE: Since releasing this, we’ve learned of so many other local ice cream shops! The ones with the initial votes are still at the top, but we have more listed at the bottom that may be new to you and worth a try!

So grab your stretchy pants because this is going to be dangerous. You’ll thank us later.

Trash Ice Cream

Bentonville Address: 401 SW A St #101, Bentonville, AR 72712
Rogers Address: 310 S 1st St, Rogers, AR 72756

Trash is a fun name, right? They serve “drilled ice cream” and are known for their crazy concoctions. Although they have normal flavors, it’s fun to live on the wild side. They even have dairy-free options! They’ve been in Downtown Bentonville for a minute, and they just recently opened another location in Downtown Rogers.

Pure Joy Ice Cream

Address: 108 N Broadway St, Siloam Springs, AR 72761
This local favorite is known for its small batches of unique and delicious flavors. Plus they use local ingredients whenever they can.

They always have the classics like chocolate and vanilla, but we recommend trying some of their fun flavors like Honey Lavender Chip and Happy Goat ice cream. It might sound a little weird, but trust us, you won’t be sorry. 

Honeybean Ice Cream Co

Address: No permanent address, but available at The Big Lieutenant Restaurant and Bar and Uptown Kitchen + Taphouse.

The Honeybean food truck opened for business in August of 2023, so they are new to the scene. Owned and operated by the husband and wife duo of Hunter and Carson, they are positioned as a premium ice cream company. You can try their ice cream at The Big Lieutenant Restaurant and Bar and Uptown Kitchen + Taphouse.

Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram!


Address: 1904 W Pleasant Grove Rd, Rogers, AR 72758

Handel’s actually received the 2nd most votes in our poll. The hardest part about going to Handel’s is deciding what flavor to get! They have so many to choose from! They always have the classics like chocolate and vanilla, but they also have a bunch of unique flavors that change every day. A few favorites are Graham Central Station and Coffee Chocolate Chunk.

Sweet Scoops Blender Bar

Address: 68 E Main St Suite C, Farmington, AR 72730

Locally owned and operated, you can try their ice cream out of their food truck, or at their storefront in Farmington. They serve ice cream, ice cream cakes, cookie cakes, cupcakes, and macarons. Oh, and they make their own waffle cones!

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Bentonville Address: 1644 E Centerton Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712
Rogers Address: 2205 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756
Rogers Address: 4200 Jb Hunt Dr, Rogers, AR 72758
Springdale Address: 1237 Mathias Dr, Springdale, AR 72762
Fayetteville Address: 272 E Joyce Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Fayetteville Address: 1523 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Andy’s is famous for its made-fresh-hourly frozen custard. It’s denser and richer than traditional ice cream, and oh-so-creamy. The menu boasts classic flavors alongside a rotating selection of seasonal specialties. We recommend trying the “James Brownie Funky Jackhammer” for an over-the-top treat.

Cold Stone Creamery

Rogers Address: 3301 S Market St Ste 108, Rogers, AR 72758
Fayetteville Address: 160 E Joyce Blvd Ste 109, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Though they are a chain franchise, Cold Stone has been serving NWA for over 30 years. Their ice cream is hand-crafted and made fresh! They serve ice cream, cakes, shakes and sorbet. 


Last on the list, but FIRST in votes. Braum’s is a classic for a reason!  They have a huge selection of flavors, plus you can get a burger and fries if you want. Win-win!

Honorable Mentions

These didn’t receive votes on our original poll, but we felt they deserved some spotlight:

Crème Ice Cream Co.

Address: 2730 N. College Ave. Fayetteville, AR

This locally owned and operated ice cream parlor specialized in developing exotic flavored ice cream. Next time your in the area, give them a try!

The Shortstop

Address: 18440 Marshall St, Garfield, AR 72732

Honestly, a little surprising this one didn’t get a vote. If you’re a long-time local, you probably still call this the Buss Stop. Unfortunately, the building of original Buss Stop caught fire, but the Shortstop has carried on the tradition of the BIG ice cream! Nothing beats a Shortstop ice cream cone after a long day on Beaver Lake!

Michoacana Ice Cream

Address: 1803 S 8th St, Rogers, AR 72756

They use 100% natural ingredients. Of all the ice cream shops on the list, they are probably the most unique. Get an authentic taste of Mexico in NWA!

MarShae’s Sweet Escape

Address: No permanent address yet, but they will be on wheels soon!
MarShae’s is the ONLY Nitrogen ice cream company in the area (and all of Arkansas).

Sweet Dreams Creamery

Address: 211 NE A Street, Bentonville, AR

Sweet Dream Creamery is a scratch-made ice cream truck known for both classic & unique recipes.