13 Of the Best Coffee Shops in NWA

If you feel the need to wear snow boots and flip-flops in the same week, you know you’re in Arkansas. Whether it’s crazy snow storms, sub-zero temperatures, summer heat or end of the world plagues, there’s one thing that will always make your day better; a good ole’ cup of joe! 

Sometimes you just need to find a good place to rewind, refresh and re-energize.

Here’s our take on 13 of the best coffee shops in Northwest Arkansas:

Iron Horse Coffee Company, Rogers

Set in a quaint building in the downtown area, the cafeteria is in business since 1998 and recently has been through a renaissance. A cool, relaxed atmosphere and they give you generous portions of sandwiches. Also, their original house brew coffee is an elixir for a cafephile!

Java Dudes Coffee Company, Rogers

If you want a great rustic experience while enjoying expertly crafted food, this one is a must-visit! This one, too, has a history associated with it, and people claim they have one of the best cinnamon buns served in the whole NWA. Make sure to try their heavenly quiche, with the fulfilling amalgam of tomato, cheddar, and sausage inside the tempting puff pastry exterior. Their chai tea is as amazing as the specialty coffees.

Grumpy’s Peace, Love, and Coffee, Gravette

This one is just rightly named…if you go in grumpy, you come out calm, and you love the place enough to visit it more than you originally planned. If you meet the owner, aka Larry Jones (Grumpy), he is a really sweet person to know. Their ambiance gives you the 60’s feel, and all the delicacies they offer – coffee, bagels, or cinnamon rolls are pretty awesome!

Joy house Coffee Company, Cave Springs

Also known as the cave springs coffee, this place uses the coffee imported from Haiti, supporting Haitian coffee growers through their own company name. Though there might not be a long list of accompaniments, you can always stop by for the charming ambiance along with good Wi-Fi and, of course, the gourmet Arabica coffee.

Pour Joan’s, Siloam Springs

Downtown Siloam Springs has this amazing, intimate place for coffee. You will experience a great time with your partner or even all by yourself. Make sure to taste their famous scones and have a look at their own roaster at the back of the kitchen. This is a place of character and offers you great relaxation after a long day of touring.

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Sweet Stir, Siloam Springs

This one is a drive-thru coffee shop that offers terrific brews. The staff is spontaneous, and it is forecasted to be kinda crowded because of their popularity.

Airship Coffee, Bentonville

A perfect impersonation of the third wave café trends, this one is owned and operated by a horticulture specialist roaster, who grows, supports, and imports from Guatemala. Visit them for a unique, low-key, open-air experience in the laps of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, where the local community thrives. A truly aromatic hidden gem in the form of coffee beans!

Wings Coffee, Bentonville

A family-owned roastery and brewery claim to give their customers the best coffee in town. This is a cute little drive-thru place with an aviation theme. I believe their coffee will give you wings!

Heroes Coffee, Bentonville

There must always be room for locally roasted coffee, and this is one of them. You’ll have a variety of brewing methods along with brews without making a hole in your pocket.

Onyx Coffee Lab, Bentonville

Cool, hipster staff with excellent brewed coffee…what more? They export their roasts all over the world. With subtle Venetian interiors, you will indeed have a great time hanging out here. Do try their variety of cold brews.

Red Kite Coffee, Springdale

It’s a charming little coffee house that gives you a fun and friendly atmosphere. They experiment with their menu a lot (especially during Halloween), so you would get many options to choose from. Do give a shot to their bacon and seasonal beverages.

 7 Brew Coffee, Bentonville

The twice-in-row award winner for the best coffee house in NWA, this one is a promising brand that offers commendable customer service with its irresistible and customized coffee blends!

 Kennedy Coffee, Bentonville

As if you are not intoxicated with the aroma, this one is just the java chip on top! Enjoy the lovely ambiance while sipping their excellent pumpkin spice latte with muffins and pastries.

Northwest Arkansas is truly a treat – not just for nature lovers but also for coffee lovers. May your caffeine be the one that kicks in before reality does!